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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Linda E. Martin-Morris
BIOL 505
Seattle Campus

Problems in Biological Instruction

Class description

This course, as it is currently taught, is co-listed with Biology 492b. Undergraduates and graduate students with minimal teaching experience are supported in their growth toward confident and knowledgeable facilitators of biology learners. Our specific coverage includes: Promoting awareness of issues in science education. Practical experience in implementation of planning and delivering lessons. Practical experience in methods of assessment and evaluation.

Student learning goals

How to engage a learning community with active instruction.

How issues in educational equity influence learners' perceptions, instructors' assessments, and educational outcomes.

How to support learners toward improvement of performance by offering helpful feedback.

How to prepare a lesson.

How to manage difficult classroom situations.

How to find and utilize resources (literature, technology, community) to stimulate instructor and motivate learner.

General method of instruction

Group discussion is our primary method of learning. Additionally, there will be several opportunities to test your own abilities to, for instance, handle a student-misconduct issue, or assess learner knowledge.

Recommended preparation

You should have a genuine desire to improve your ability to relate to and communicate with a biology learner. You should have little of your own classroom instructional experience but a plan to do so in the near future. You should be aware that participation in class is paramount and absences from class are detrimental to your own learning outcomes as well as grade.

Class assignments and grading

Several reflective essays. One "micro teach" (brief, active-learning lesson). Assigned reading as well as finding educational articles to supplement lessons. Classroom observation. Classroom participation required.

Flat scale, 95% = 4.0, 85% = 3.0, 75% = 2.0

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Last Update by Linda E. Martin-Morris
Date: 02/19/2011