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Thomas A Horbett
Seattle Campus

Advanced Topics in Biomaterials

Major, controversial issues in application of synthetic materials to medical problems. Blood compatibility, bioadhesion, intraocular lenses, contact lenses, polyurethanes, biodegradation, protein adsorption, corrosion, bone fixation, new materials, artificial heart, medical device regulation. Prerequisite: BIOEN 490 or CHEM E 490. Offered: jointly with CHEM E 590.

Class description

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Student learning goals

Critique journal articles

Learn how to learn what is important in science and engineering of biomaterials

Learn how to tell difference between authors conclusions and reality

Learn shortcomings of scientific review process

Become a contributor to the march of science but learning to be a peer reviewer

General method of instruction

One 80 min lecture by an expert researcher, engineer,developer, or product userr each week. Second class each week is for student presentations, typically two students each clas, on critical review of articles assigned by lecturer or lead instructor.

Recommended preparation

bioe or chem e 490

organic chemistry


cell biology

Class assignments and grading

class presentations critiquing articles from journals; reading reports when not presenting.

combo of presentations, reading reports, midterm exam and final exam.

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