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Albert Folch
Seattle Campus


Introduction to BioMEMS. State-of-the-art techniques in patterning biomolecules, machining three-dimensional microstructures and building microfluidic devices. Various biomedical problems that can be addressed with microfabrication technology and the engineering challenges associated with it. Biweekly labs. Prerequisite: BIOEN 316. Offered: W.

Class description

* Focuses on the essentials of microfabrication * Presents in-depth coverage of the techniques of cell/protein micropatterning * Gives a thorough presentation of microfluidics, including theory, designs, and historical perspective * Explains how BioMEMS technology can increase the biochemical and biophysical complexity of cell culture microenvironments * Discusses how BioMEMS devices can improve fluid handling and increase experimentation throughput * Provides a good overall vision of how implantable microdevices have evolved, covering the origin of the field and the newest devices

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