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Cecilia Giachelli
Seattle Campus

Introduction to Molecular Bioengineering

Introduces molecular bioengineering. Molecules as building blocks to engineer surfaces. Molecular therapeutics, drug delivery, diagnosis and biomaterials. Examines design principles for biomedical materials and devices. Prerequisite: BIOL 200; BIOEN 303; BIOEN 305; recommended: either CHEM 223, CHEM 237, or CHEM 335. Offered: Sp.

Class description

This course will provide an introduction to the basic structure and function of key biological molecules, polymers, and macromolecular assemblies utilized in molecular and cellular bioengineering. An emphasis will be placed on nucleic acids, proteins and lipids as biomimetic agents for use in bioengineering applications such as molecular motors, biomaterial surface modification, gene/drug delivery, molecular medicine and tissue engineering. Genetic flow of information, recombinant DNA technology, nanotechnology and biotechnology as applied to bioengineering of molecules, cells, and animals will be investigated with specific examples from the literature.

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Date: 03/30/2004