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Kathleen A. O'Connor
BIO A 590
Seattle Campus

Current Issues in Human and Non-Human Primate Evolution

Includes presentations by participants and guest lecturers of current literature and ongoing research in topics pertaining to human and nonhuman primate evolution, biology, anatomy, genetics variation, and behavior. Credit/no-credit only.

Class description

This course listing is for the Biomarker Methods Research Group.

The primary objective is to help build and maintain a vibrant, diverse, and leading-edge biomarker and population health community of researchers. It will facilitate exposure to, and participation in, a range of work, across disciplines, using biomarker methods, and provide a stimulating and sustained environment for growth, ideas, and collaboration.

Participants will include graduate students who register for the course, and faculty who are interested in adopting, or whose work already involves, biomarkers. Participation is open to graduate students and faculty across campus. A unique feature of this course is provision of a learning and work-group environment for faculty. Undergraduate students may enroll with the instructor's permission.

Student learning goals

Learning Objectives: To: 1) gain specific knowledge and comprehension of biomarker methods, and 2) link observation and theory in application and analysis in research designs incorporating biomarker methods. This will enable participants to 3) use the skills and knowledge gained in the first two goals to synthesize their own research designs incorporating biomarker methods as well as 4) critically evaluate research for appropriate and rigorous use of biomarker methods.

General method of instruction

The seminar format will be that of a 90 minute meeting every two weeks (5 meetings per quarter). The meetings will consist of 1) presentations and discussions on participant’s proposed or ongoing research, with a focus on field, lab and analysis methods for biomarker data 2) brainstorming and trouble-shooting discussions with the group 3) training sessions on field, lab and analytical methods for biomarker data 4) presentations and discussions of current papers and developments in biomarker methods.

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading


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