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Henry F Lyle Iii
BIO A 477
Seattle Campus

Evolutionary Perspectives on Sex and Gender Roles

Critical examination of theories explaining the evolution of sex differences and associated gender roles. Consideration of gender differences in mate preferences, parental investment, subsistence, aggressiveness, and risk-taking. Stresses interactions between biology and culture. Prerequisite: BIO A 201.

Class description

This course will consider what the evolutionary social sciences can tell us about sex and gender roles in humans, both past and present. This class will approach a range of issues in the study of sex and gender roles from an evolutionary perspective, including human mate choice, parenting behavior, aggression, risk taking, reproductive strategies, sexual conflict, paternal care, attractiveness, and homosexuality. There is NO prerequisite for this class.

Student learning goals

Knowledge of biological and cultural explanations for sex differences and gender roles

Familiarity with evolutionary research (past and present) on sex/gender differences

Understanding of the evolutionary process

General method of instruction

lecture & class discussion

Recommended preparation

No Prerequisites

Class assignments and grading

Essay(s) & article review(s)

Essay(s), article review(s), exam & participation

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Date: 08/27/2012