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Heather Burpee
B E 498
Seattle Campus

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Class description

In this interdisciplinary seminar with participants from Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Construction Management, Public Health and Nursing we will explore the context of contemporary healthcare architecture as it relates to hiĀ¬storical precedents and future development for emergent disaster response. Through a series of lectures, visiting guest speakers, and in-depth collaborative research projects, this seminar will develop a basis of knowledge that will help shape the BE Labs Studio: Emergency Response: Resilient Systems for Health Care.

Student learning goals

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Class assignments and grading

Deliverables: The goal of the seminar is to increase knowledge and understanding of the unique issues of healthy building and of the requirements for health care facilities of the future. Each student will be required to help lead a discussion with visiting experts in various aspects of healthcare architecture, public health, and deployable systems. In-depth (potentially collaborative) research reports with case studies and topic reviews will be presented and documented as the final product of the course. A common document format will be required so that all results can be collected in a single publication, which will help provide the basis for the BE Labs Studio: Emergency Response: Resilient Systems for Health Care.

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Date: 03/26/2010