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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Tetsuden Kashima
AAS 370
Seattle Campus

Japanese-American History and Culture

Historical roots and subsequent changes in the Japanese-American group examined through an interdisciplinary approach. Topics include historical events, culture, values, social and community structures, institutions, occupations, and future orientations. Recommended: AAS 205.

Class description

The Japanese American experience will be analyzed through an interdisciplinary perspective. We will start with the importance of this group to the American society, its early history, trace the reasons for the trans-Pacific ocean migration, investigate their early encounters in America, touch briefly on the catastrophe of the World War II incarceration, and then focus on issues of contemporary concerns. The importance of historical events, culture, social structure and institutions will be examined. In addition, prevalent theories and concepts concerning the Japanese Americans will be examined.

Student learning goals

Acquaintance with the culture and history of Japanese Americans [JAs]. Become knowledgeable about generations, culture and values, immigration through WW II with internment and incarceration, and present day issues of education, interpersonal relationship, gender, Hawaii, and future.

Assess previous theories of the adjustment and adaptation of JAs and compare with the newest Interpersonal Theory

Examine contemporary relevant issues of concern to JAs.

General method of instruction

Class format: lectures, Prezi-presentations, and group discussions, possible guest lecture(s), supplemental videos

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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Date: 09/12/2013