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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Robin K Wright
ART H 533
Seattle Campus

Seminar in North American Native Art

Problems in North American Indian visual arts. Content varies.

Class description

Northwest Coast Connoisseurship through Technologies: This graduate seminar is a hands-on experience designed to teach several basic technologies that are used in Native Northwest Coast art traditions such as box bending, stone pecking, spoon carving, and a variety of weaving techniques such as spinning, twining, plaiting, coiling. Students will examine selected pieces from the Burke Museum's ethnology collection and create pieces of their own using traditional techniques.

Student learning goals

Knowledge of traditional Northwest Coast indigenous art techniques and technologies.

Ability to use selected traditional Northwest Coast techniques and technologies, and thereby better appreciate and understand the processes used by artists in the creation of their works of art.

Knowledge of the existing literature on traditional Northwest Coast art techniques and technologies.

General method of instruction

Slide illustrated discussion Group discussion of readings Hands-on experience with techniques and technologies Guest speakers

Recommended preparation

Background art history, especially in Native American or Indigenous art history recommended.

Class assignments and grading

Course Requirements: Assigned readings, class discussion, technology project, class presentation. Grading breakdown: 40% technology project 20% class presentation 40% class discussion & participation

Quality of project, active participation in class discussions and hands-on exercises, quality of presentation.

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Last Update by Robin K Wright
Date: 01/31/2013