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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Gianna Carotenuto
ART H 414
Seattle Campus

Topics in South Asian Art

Explores topics on the art and visual culture of South Asia with a particular focus on India.

Class description

This course covers the visual arts and architecture in India between the Mughal and the British Empires in India (1757-1947). It seeks to broaden the chronological, thematic, and theoretical frames for interpreting the art of colonial India (1757-1947). Rather than focus exclusively on Western artistic & literary interpretations of India during this period, in this course we will consider the whole of colonial artistic production which includes foreign and indigenous artists. This course aims to investigate the inter-relationship and exchanges that occurred between the colonizer and the colonized. We will read first-hand accounts of travelers and artists produced during the colonial period, analyze texts and theoretical critiques by European and Indian scholars, and trace the development of architecture, drawing, painting as well as the effects of “modern” visual technologies, such as photography, calendar art, advertisements, posters and film.

Student learning goals

The goals of this course are to gain an understanding of the impact of European influence on Indian art and culture, question received notions of how one defines authority, authenticity and cultural value, and engage with various critical approaches to unpack the ideology of imperialism.

To identify works of art and architecture from the Colonial and MOdern periods in Indian art (1757-1857.

To learn how to make an visual analysis.

To analyze works of art and architecture using an art historical framework.

To engage with cross disciplinary theoretical concepts and apply these methods to an art historical analysis.

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

Class Assignments: Group Discussion, presentations and projecs Short writing Assignments on specific topics and problems. Exam Format: Slide Identification, Definition of key terms, One essay question. Study Materials: You will be given weekly slide presentations from lecture posted on the E-Res for the course; Recommended readings will be on reserve in the Arts Library; Course readings will be posted on E-Res.

• Attendance 5% • In class participation 10% • (3) Short Papers 25% • Midterm exam 25%; • Final Exam 35%

TOTAL 100% or 100pts

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Date: 09/27/2011