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Julia E. Freeman
ART 427
Seattle Campus

Special Topics in Surface Design

Advanced art making in the field of surface design. Topics include improvisational silk screening, artists' books, and explorations of non-traditional approaches in surface design.

Class description

The key word to this course title is “alternative.” This class will be using some of the known formats of the book to create work that combines material and concept. But the main objective of this course is to challenge your definition of “book.” Can a book be a room? Can you wear a book? Can a book be a projection through slides, digital projections or video? Can you find a book written on the sidewalk? Can a book not tell a story? Can a book convey something different than linear information? Is a book only made with paper? FROM JOHANNA DRUCKER, The Century of Artists’ Books (paraphrased): artists’ books may be identified as a zone of activity, a conceptual space. May be said to interrogate the conceptual or material form of the book as part of its intention, thematic interests or production activities. This course will provide you with some techniques that you may or may not apply to your assignments. This is an upper level class and I expect your material choice, techniques, ideas and concepts to be more self-guided than lower level courses. More than learning new techniques, this will be a course that allows you to explore and experiment and then apply your research to your own artwork.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

The completion of four large Projects, on the following themes: 1.) Altered/Modified/Found Poem Book: 20% 2.) Debris Diary: 20% 3.) Text/Font Book: 10% 4.) Body as Book: 30%

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Last Update by Julia E. Freeman
Date: 01/06/2013