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Instructor Class Description

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Lauren J. Grossman
ART 360
Seattle Campus

Topics in Studio Art and Practice

Examines a variety of cutting edge, emerging, and interdisciplinary approaches in studio art and practice. Topics vary.

Class description

The emphasis in this course will be on materiality and the possibilities for generating content by using a variety of offbeat and experimental materials. This will be a sculpture oriented class using fairly low-tech construction methods to achieve appropriately crafted artwork. The focus of this course is on contemporary visual arts practices, so the class will investigate the context and history of artists' use of oddball materials.

Student learning goals

Further experience in problem solving, editing, and working through studio ideas.

A broader vocabulary of material possibilities for making art.

More confidence in generating meanings and narratives with a sense of how they might fit into the contemporary art context.

General method of instruction

This course is recommended for junior and senior students in the studio art program, especially students in the Interdisciplinary Visual Arts major. This is a studio course, consisting of a series of studio assignments which build on each other. In addition to the studio assignments, discussions, presentations, gallery visits, and individual research will be a major part of the curse content.

Recommended preparation

At least 3 previous courses in studio art are recommended. Familiarity with the basic composition and construction methods in 2D and 3D are required.

Class assignments and grading

There will be several short studio assignments as well as larger projects. There will also be required research as well as short presentations.

Grades will be assigned as follows: Exercises and projects resolved on time and evaluated on the basis of artistic merit as well as effort and experimentation process-- 40% Participation in class activities incl. work days, critiques, discussions, etc.--30% Research, presentations and process notebooks--20% Professional manner, commitment, and progress throughout the quarter--10%

The information above is intended to be helpful in choosing courses. Because the instructor may further develop his/her plans for this course, its characteristics are subject to change without notice. In most cases, the official course syllabus will be distributed on the first day of class.
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Date: 02/07/2012