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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Gerald E. Hambly
ART 357
Seattle Campus

Interdisciplinary Concepts in Metal

Variable topics, introducing concepts that cross traditional studio definitions and address interdisciplinary approaches to artistic investigation. Topics include textile/metal processes, printmaking/metal processes, color and metal, chemical, electrical, and mechanical processes in sculpture.

Class description

This course is concerned with the visualization and creation of 3D computer-generated models and their applications in todayíŽs manufacturing, communication, and publishing industries. Students will learn the principles of 3D modeling using Rhinoceros NURBS modeling software. In a laboratory setting, students will have an opportunity to practice the strategies and methods commonly used in creating and solving 2D and 3D geometric problems. Information given in lectures and demonstrations will address aspects of modeling free-form curves, surfaces, and solids. In addition to developing a working knowledge of 3D terminology and concepts, each student will learn how to create a variety of 3D geometric models from technical drawings, sketches, real models, and written descriptions.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Instruction will consist of lecture/demonstrations, small group activities, and projects.

Recommended preparation

Textbooks and Materials ¤ Rhinoceros/Flamingo 3D modeling and rendering software(provided) ¤ Rhinoceros Level 1 & 2 Training Manual PDF (provided) ¤ Sketch pad ¤ Pencils ¤ Ruler ¤ 3-ring binder with plastic pages ¤ Graph paper .2 or .25 grid

Class assignments and grading

• Design assignments 50% • Worksheets and Quizzes 20% • Midterm and Final Tests 5% • Student Notebook 10% • Final Project 15%

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Last Update by Gerald E. Hambly
Date: 09/27/2004