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Annabelle K Gould
ART 210
Seattle Campus

Collaboration and Improvisation

Introduces key factors in the theory and practice of creating and participating in collaborative projects. Focuses on creating and participating in effective teams, understanding strengths and roles within teams, working through team issues, developing techniques for interdisciplinary problem solving. Prerequisite: ART 207.

Class description

This Color and Composition course will explore the fundamentals of color, form-making and composition within the field of design. Through a series of exercises, lectures, readings and applied projects, students will develop an understanding of how to use color and form to visualize ideas in a unique and compelling way.

Student learning goals

understand basic color attributes and terms, using the color wheel, color organization

understand color associations, expression and visual communication

understand the technical aspects of color including printing and monitor calibration

integrate graphical elements, color and imagery to create dynamic compositions

understand the importance of the creative process

explore image making techniques

General method of instruction

Lectures and studio projects

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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Date: 09/16/2009