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M. Perri Lynch
ART 123
Seattle Campus

Two-Dimensional Design: Structure and Color

Exploration of fundamental visual phenomena as defined by relationship and context. Compositional studies that allow for analysis of line, form, mass, tonality, and color. Exercises begin with subject interpretation and translation, progress to abstraction, and conclude with a series of variations on a visual theme. Offered: AWSp.

Class Description

ART 123 SUMMER QUARTER 2003 This course will investigate the relationship between the art making process and cultural contexts. We will examine visual structures in contemporary art and how composition has changed throughout history. A series of lectures on 20th century art movements will emphasize the interplay between culture, history, and visual art through the lens of printmaking media. Through hands-on studio work, we will explore concepts and methods of visual organization through drawing and linoleum block printing. Students will obtain a deep understanding of 2-D art forms, explore the fundamental elements of visual structures, and synthesize these skills through generating original, creative art works in drawing and printmaking.

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