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Ann C Huppert
ARCH 498
Seattle Campus

Special Projects

Instructor-initiated and department-approved systematic study and offering of specialized subject matter. Topics vary and are announced in preceding quarter.

Class description

The emergence of drawing as a new technology in Renaissance Italy transformed the practice of architecture and resulted in a new architectural professional. Five hundred years later, the digital revolution represents a new crossroads, prompting the question of where the architectural profession stands today.

Through lectures, readings, discussions, and student presentations, this seminar will examine the simultaneous emergence of the new profession of the architect and the use of drawing that supported its realization, tracing this history from the Renaissance forward. We will investigate the conventions of representation that developed historically including the fundamental trio of plan, elevation and section linear perspective, and later forms such as axonomentry; and we will examine the historical uses of and debates over drawing as they continue to the present, looking at how new digital modes are impacting the profession today.

Student learning goals

This course is designed as a graduate seminar selective and can be taken for undergraduate writing credit.

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

The information above is intended to be helpful in choosing courses. Because the instructor may further develop his/her plans for this course, its characteristics are subject to change without notice. In most cases, the official course syllabus will be distributed on the first day of class.
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Date: 02/12/2014