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Benjamin Marwick
Seattle Campus

Special Studies in Archaeology

Consideration in detail of specific archaeological topics, either methodological or substantive in content, of current interest. Offered occasionally by resident, new, or visiting faculty. For advanced undergraduates and graduate students. Prerequisite: ARCHY 205.

Class description

This course investigates the archaeology of Southeast Asia from its first occupation by hominids to the appearance of historic states such as the Khmer empire centered at Angkor Wat. The focus is on mainland Southeast Asia, and important evidence from China and island Southeast Asia are referred to where it illuminates the particularities of the mainland Southeast Asian cultural sequence. The course emphasizes the distinctive character of mainland Southeast Asian cultures as well as showing how major cultural transitions compare to those elsewhere in the world. Topics to be covered include: geography and environment; ecology and economy among peoples of Southeast Asia; history and theory in Southeast Asian archaeology; the Pleistocene and paleolithic record of Southeast Asia; Hoabinhian and hunter-gatherers; origins of plant and animal domestication; early farming communities; ethnicity, migration, and culture change in Southeast Asian prehistory; early metallurgy in Southeast Asia (timing, technology, and impact); models of social and political complexity; and the early states of Southeast Asia.

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