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Sarah Sterling
Seattle Campus

The Archaeology of Egypt

A survey of ancient Egyptian culture history between about 6000 BC and AD 400, based on a synthesis of archaeological and textual evidence. Focuses on the origins and evolution of the Egyptian state and the elements of pharaonic religion, society, economy, art, architecture, and science.

Class description

Although the spectacular Pharaonic culture popularly associated with Egyptian archaeology has been characterized as “appearing almost overnight,” the roots of this culture can be seen deep in Egypt’s prehistoric past. This course explores the archaeological record of Egypt beginning around 12,000 years ago with an emphasis on the period from 6000-1000 BCE. We will focus on archaeological information that tells us about various periods in Egypt’s past. Textual evidence from the Pharaonic era will be presented to supplement archaeological information

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Lecture, slides, videos

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

Two exams, two map quizes, one annotated journal article review, discussion board participation

Exams are worth 100 points each, map quizzes are worth 40 points each, journal review is worth 75 points, discussion is worth up to 40 points.

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