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Instructor Class Description

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Stevan Harrell
ANTH 470
Seattle Campus

Minority Peoples of China

Interaction between China and the peoples of its periphery, including inner Asia, Tibet, northern mainland Southeast Asia, and aboriginal peoples of Taiwan. Emphasis on ethnicity, ethnic group consciousness, and role of the Chinese state. Prerequisite: one 200-level ANTH course; LING 203; either ANTH/JSIS A 370 or HSTAS 454. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 470.

Class description

Knowledge about the various minority peoples and cultures in historical and contempoary China. Ideas about how these peoples have related to Chinese centers of political, economic, and cultural power. Critical skills for assessing media and popular reports and impressions about China and about ethnic relations in the contemporary world. Improved writing skills.

Student learning goals

Know the geographical distribution and history of China's minority peoples.

Be able to read critically in the areas of China' minorities and Chinese nationalism.

Improve critical reading of journalistic and scholarly accounts of cultural difference and ethnic relations.

General method of instruction

Lectures/discussion intermingled. Several guest lecturers who are experts on particular peoples and cultures. Slides and films.

Recommended preparation

Basic background in cultural anthropology helpful; some knowledge of China and recent Chinese history also helpful.

Class assignments and grading

A series of papers or essays, to be assigned by the instructor at intervals. Student will have a choice of which paper assignments to complete, and there will be choices of topics for each assignment.

Essay grades only.

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