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Rebeca F Rivera
ANTH 469
Seattle Campus

Special Studies in Anthropology

Delineation and analysis of a specific problem or related problems in anthropology. Offered occasionally by visitors or resident faculty.

Class description

The impacts of American consumption are linked to environmental problems and increased social inequality on a global scale. At the 1992 Earth Summit countries of the global South gained enough political power to bring Northern over-consumption to the forefront of the global environmental agenda. However, in the United States and other Northern countries sustainable consumption initiatives have not lived up to the expectations of the 1992 Earth Summit. This course will examine some of the reasons why issues of consumption have been difficult to address.

This course will investigate why we consume the way we do, the environmental and social impacts of consumption, and examine possibilities for change. This course will be a holistic survey and interdisciplinary survey of the study of consumption with a particular focus on the study of consumption from an anthropological perspective. At the end of this course you will have an understanding of consumption theory, issues, and practices.

Student learning goals

To understand theories of consumption practices

To understand and apply ethnographic methods

To think critically and articulate issues related to consumption at the local, national, and global levels

To analyze your own consumption practices utilizing course material

To engage in thoughtful and respectful discourse around important topics

To facilitate class discussions—to develop discussion questions and facilitation skills that fosters a safe environment, student participation and the inclusion of multiple perspectives

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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Date: 05/05/2009