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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Tami Blumenfield
ANTH 444
Seattle Campus

Politics of Representation in Modern China

Focuses on issues of representation and power in twentieth century China. Combines substantive information on modern Chinese society and culture with recent debates in social theory and the politics of representation. Major themes include Chinese nationalism, body politics, popular culture, and everyday practice. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 403.

Class description

This course will examine forms of representation in China by looking at films, documentaries, and propaganda. We will consider the process and ethics of representation as well as the reception of different forms of representation.

Student learning goals

Analyze visual media created in China.

Understand the complexities of contemporary China.

Articulate positions on the subject of representation in China.

General method of instruction

This class is an A-term class that runs for four weeks. Each week we will watch two films and discuss them on alternate days. Readings will be assigned on alternate days. Students will take turns leading class discussions.

Recommended preparation

There are no prerequisites for this course. Students interested in learning more about China are encouraged to enroll. Students from other campuses and non-anthropology majors are welcomed.

Class assignments and grading

Film viewing, readings, response essays, and discussion facilitation.

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