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Karen M Capuder
ANTH 310
Seattle Campus

Native North American Societies

Traditional cultures of America north of Mexico, emphasizing diversity of North American Indian and Eskimo societies. Origins of Native-American culture areas and language groupings; subsistence systems; levels of social organization; European conquest and colonialism; and description of representative cultures from the ten culture areas. Recommended: ANTH 100.

Class description

This is a newly re-designed course centered around Indigenous perspectives on cultural resources and which counts toward both the Anthropology and American Indian Studies majors. The course will have several foci: 1) background in federal Indian law and policy; 2) cultural resources related legislation and court cases; 3) Indigenous perspectives pertaining to cultural resources legislation and issues; 4) Indigenous perspectives on cultural resources outside the scope of federally- and state-defined purviews, including language, governance, ancestral knowledge, cultural and subsistence practices, and intellectual and cultural property rights.

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Date: 02/05/2009