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Instructor Class Description

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Robert C. Stacey
Seattle Campus

Medieval European History

Class description

This course surveys recent secondary literature on the high middle ages (roughly 1000-1300) in western Europe. Its goal is to introduce students to the most imporatant and most interesting new developments and arguments in the field, through a careful reading of selected secondary books and articles. Topics include: The Peace of God and the Year 1000; Popular Heretical Movements; The Social Meanings and Social Impacts of Literacy; Chivalry and Court Culture; Feudalism and its Discontents.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Graduate standing, with some previous exposure to the European middle ages. All required readings are in English; a knowledge of Latin, French, Spanish, Italian and/or German is useful but not presumed or required. This course has in the past been useful to students in a variety of departments: History of course, but also French and Italian, Classics, and English.

Class assignments and grading

Weekly reading assignments of beween 200 and 400 pages; a required essay of 15-25 pages, due at the end of the term, surveying the historiography on a particular field or question relevant to the European high middle ages.

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