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Morgan Kay
Seattle Campus

Medieval England, 1042-1485

Upper level survey of English history from the Norman conquest until 1485. Emphasis on political, social, and economic history, with special attention to the peculiarities of English development as these had emerged by 1485.

Class description

Students will leave the class knowing the basic narrative of English political and economic development in this period. However, our focus will not just be on big events and big names: we will also study social conditions and cultural artifacts to gain an understanding of what life was like in medieval Britain.

Student learning goals

Know the basic narrative of British history in the later Middle Ages.

Gain practice in critical reading and source evaluation.

Understand the point of view of people whose understanding of the world is very different from ours.

Evaluate evidence and build arguments on that evidence.

General method of instruction

Combination of lecture, class discussion, and small group work. Frequent use of visual and auditory evidence when appropriate.

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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