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Ethan A. Spanier
Seattle Campus

The Roman Empire

Political, social, and cultural history, with special emphasis on the period of Cicero and Caesar.

Class description

HSTAM 313 is a survey of the early Roman Empire from 44 B.C.E.-193 C.E.. The first half of the course focuses on political developments: the struggles that brought Augustus to power, the development of imperial institutions, the growth of the emperor's power, and the conflict between the emperor and the senatorial class. The second half of the course is a social and cultural history. We shall begin with Roman perception of barbarians, those outside the empire, and then turn to the means by which those inside the empire were ruled. Next, we shall look at social life within the empire--citizenship and privilege, family and social life, and religious practices. Two thematic concerns inform the approach to imperial political and social history: 1) the organization and practice of power and 2) its representation in the writing of history and fiction.

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