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Ethan A. Spanier
Seattle Campus

The Roman Republic

Political, social, economic, and cultural history, with emphasis on the development of the constitution and territorial expansions.

Class description

This course examines the history of Roman Republic from its foundation (trad. 509 BCE) to the death of Julius Caesar (44 BCE). After a short introduction to the archaeology of Villanova culture and the ethnography of Early Italy, students will explore the Roman conquest of Italian Peninsula and Rome's wars with Carthage. We will then focus on the advent of empire in the second century BCE and the effects of empire on Roman society. Finally, the course will turn to the politics, social struggles, and cultural changes of the last century of the Republic (133- 44 BCE). Topics include: the land-army problem, the plight of those dispossessed by political struggles such as women and slaves, the quest for military honor, civil war, and the question of decadence.

Student learning goals

Show that History can be fun.

General method of instruction

This course will consist of lectures Monday through Thursday with discussions of weekly readings on Friday.

Recommended preparation


Class assignments and grading

Class assignments and grading will by outlined on the syllabus.

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