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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Mary C Wright
AIS 271
Seattle Campus

Native Peoples of the Intermountain West

Examines societies of the Columbia and Fraser River Plateau and Great Basin, including social structures and relations, subsistence strategies, belief systems, and changes over time, both before and after non-Natives' arrival.

Class description

Autumn 2012 we will bookend an exploration of Plateau culture, social-economic-political structure during the 19th century's early contact years, beginning with a reading of selected oral traditions and ending with the salmon fishing & water rights court victories of the late 20th & early 21st centuries.

Student learning goals

Increase student's knowledge and understanding of Tribal sovereignty, as well as the history, culture and peoples of the Pacific NW Plateau region and the tribes relations with Euro American colonists/culture.

Increase student's critical thinking skills regarding Native cultural, social, economic, and political issues of importance to the Plateau area.

Increase student's oral and written communication skills through class assignments and discussions

General method of instruction

Lecture-discussion with occasional speakers, films, museum visits and/or hands-on experiences

Recommended preparation

Recommended Introductory course in American Indian Studies, or AIS 201 (Ethno-history), AIS 202 (Contemporary Issues), AIS 203 (Native Aesthetic Universe)

Class assignments and grading

no papers

10% class participation 30% first midterm essay exam (covering oral traditions) 30% second midterm essay exam (covering 19th culture) 30% final essay exam (covering salmon fishing & water rights)

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Date: 07/18/2012