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Carol Edelman Warrior
AIS 203
Seattle Campus

Introduction: Philosophical and Aesthetic Universes

Social constructions of reality, aesthetic as well as philosophic, as conceptualized by approximately five traditional American Indian cultures from different regions of North America.

Class description

Through readings, discussions, lectures, and group work, we'll consider Indigenous North American knowledge systems and philosophies with a particular eye toward how these ideas are related to geographic space, social structure, culture, and what the West calls "science." Native and Western philosophies, or epistemologies, serve similar functions: they organize societies and construct those taken-for-granted truths we all operate from, but rarely examine. Yet even as such "truths" create ideas about how the world and universe work, these differences can be a source of conflict between people groups. In this class, we'll examine how Native knowledge systems are formed and expressed, and what can be the result when conflicting knowledge systems interact with one another.

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Date: 11/15/2011