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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Ernest B. Johnson
Seattle Campus

Black Identities and Political Power

Relates the deployment of political power within institutions to shifting racial identities. Shows how racial identities both reflect and inflect relations of domination and resistance within and between cultures in the black diaspora. Prerequisite: either AES 150, AFRAM 150, AFRAM 201, or POL S 201. Offered: jointly with POL S 315.

Class description

An exploration of the historical and contemporary underpinnings of the societal imposition and in-group formation of mutiple identities over the course of the African American experience. Emphasis will be placed on identifying and transcending the traumatic stress associated with the ongoing social construction of Blackness in the United States.

Student learning goals

identify and critique the causes of state sponsored targeting and violence against Blacks

identify and critique the causes of Black on Black violence

identify and critique the negative and positive social constucts associated with being Black in the United States

identify and critique the role of spirituality as a coping mechanism

explore and critique the impact of socially constructed traumatic stress on the Black family

explore and critique the impact of socially constructed traumatic stress on maintaining healthy intimate relations

General method of instruction

Lectures, Socratic question and answer forums, small group discussion, media and directed assignments

Recommended preparation

Introduction to African American History (see above)

Class assignments and grading

short research papers, targeted readings, group projects, discussion topics

quizzes, two papers, group attendance, group project,

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Date: 01/23/2008