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Veronica Barrera
AES 322
Seattle Campus

Gender, Race, and Class in Social Stratification

The intersection of race, class, and gender in the lives of women of color in the United States from historical and contemporary perspectives. Topics include racism, classism, sexism, activism, sexuality, and inter-racial dynamics between women of color groups. Prerequisite: GWSS 200. Offered: jointly with GWSS 300.

Class description

In this class we will explore economic, political, social, cultural and historical conceptions, of race, class, and gender in the United States. We will use an interdisciplinary lens to examine the following topics: economic development as it relates to stratification; globalization and neoliberalism; the historical process of racialization; and social class, sex, sexuality, and gender across time, cultures, gender ideologies, and feminisms. The goal of this course is to explore how race, class, and gender are reproduced, maintained, and contested in social relations, institutional structures, and cultural practices. Through the use of relevant scholarship, research, personal narratives in multiple mediums, documentary film, lecture, and class discussion we will engage with race, class, and gender in order to develop, facilitate, and deepen your critical analysis of the intersections of these social catagories. The course utilizes social justice, human rights, and activism as a specific and particular analytical and political trajectory to the course’s content, topics, and themes

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