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Wanda V Gregory
BST 293
Bothell Campus

Special Topics

Examines different subjects or problems from an interdisciplinary framework.

Class description

WINTER 2011 BST 293G - VIRTUAL WORLDS This class will look at virtual environments ranging from traditional online games and virtual worlds to social network games. Topics include overview of virtual worlds, game design elements, business models, social design, identity, avatar development, psychological dimensions, and community building.

BST 293 F- GAMES FOR CHANGE Games are a major part of our culture today and key to the growth of our digital entertainment industry. Often though games are seen as just a diversion. But games, and play, are far more than that. As humans we play to connect, to co-operate and communicate, and ultimately to learn. Games are key. Like music, film, books or theatre, games offer an experience we can share with each other. This class will look at games from a different perspective--how can games be used to support change with a particular focus on the uses for social action. Students will learn the basic components of game design and work on examining a variety of game platforms including paper based, computer games, console, and alternate reality games.

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Date: 11/14/2011