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Nora J Kenworthy
B NURS 350
Bothell Campus

Critical Thinking in Nursing

Focuses on critical thinking and effective writing in nursing. Students explore nursing and health care issues, evaluate varied perspectives, and develop a reasoned analysis of current topics.

Class description

At the most basic level, critical thinking skills give us the capacity to process, interpret, and utilize diverse sources of information both within and beyond the academic setting.

The content of this course focuses on skills that will help students to become better readers, writers, and thinkers. BNURS 350 emphasizes the acquisition of skills--students will come to understand that these are abilities that can be taught, learned, and shared with others. In this course, we will also approach critical thinking as a craft, in the sense that it is a set of skills that can be honed through extensive practice. As a result, this course will offer numerous and diverse opportunities for you to: 1) learn and acquire distinct skills; 2) practice the skills of critical thinking; and 3) receive constructive feedback on your progress.

Finally, we will strive to make sure that these skills are relevant to practice of nursing at all levels, drawing on the expertise and knowledge of students as professionals.

Student learning goals

1. Develop skills of self-reflection and self-assessment, and learn ways to use them in your work.

2. Develop an ability to read critically and analyze texts, sources of information, and claims.

3. Develop critical reasoning skills, and use them in your writing to make claims and express your ideas.

4. Improve the ability to participate and engage in a community of learners / co-workers.

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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Date: 09/23/2013