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Michael Dimeo
B LEAD 102
Bothell Campus

Leading with Purpose: Working in Teams

Develops team leader competencies needed to succeed in any leadership situation, including identifying personal strengths and challenges; connecting with other and building trust; and managing change and influencing others. Addresses current theory and research about group and team leadership and the application to teamwork. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: SpS.

Class description

This course is taught from the point of view of what real-world organizations are teaching their employees about leadership effectiveness. The course is interactive, requiring students to be heavily involved in the learning process. Students participate in a variety of exercises that are specifically developed to teach them about managing and leading teams.

Student learning goals

Identify the behaviors of effective team leaders

Demonstrate the elements of effective feedback

Assess our influence behavior in the context of a collaborative team setting

Review and practice the elements of active listening

Use dialogue as a means for collective team learning

Practice leading a problem-solving team

General method of instruction


Recommended preparation


Class assignments and grading

Two Reflection Papers One "Crucial Conversation" Description Final Examination

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Date: 01/30/2014