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Crispin Thurlow Faber
Bothell Campus

Visual Communication

Examines the everyday world of images, image-making, design, and visual culture. Introduces students to different visual methodologies, modes, and sites of contemporary visual production.

Class description

This Autumn 2013 version of BISMCS 473 will be run as a HYBRID course - a 50/50 combination of online and offline class meetings. Our schedule will look like this:

Week 1 - F2F meeting (first day of class on Wed 25th Sept) Week 2 - F2F meeting + F2F meeting Week 3 - Online meeting + F2F meeting Week 4 - Online meeting + F2F meeting Week 5 - Online meeting + F2F meeting Week 6 - Online meeting + F2F meeting Week 7 - Online meeting + F2F meeting Week 8 - No class (Vets Day) + Online meeting Week 9 - Online meeting + Online meeting Week 10 - Online meeting + No class (Thanksgiving the next day) Week 11 - F2F meeting + F2F meeting

So, that's 10 face-to-face meetings and 9 online meetings. There will be some work assigned for the "half week" in Week 1. You will see that we start off with a block of face-to-face time to get the class dynamic going and to establish a scholarly ethos. After this, we have a block of fully hybrid weeks (i.e. 3 through 7) when there's one online class and one face-to-face class each week. Then there's a block of online-only time starting midway through Week 8 and running into Week 10. The last week of class will be all face-to-face for a visual essay workshop and the final presentations. For the most part, our online class time will cover the framing content, reading quizzes and film screenings. Our time in face-to-face classes will be largely spent discussing the films, reviewing the reading quizzes, and preparing your project work.

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Class assignments and grading

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Date: 08/28/2013