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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Leslie Ann Rado
BIS 477
Bothell Campus

Abnormal Psychology

Interdisciplinary exploration of topics in abnormal psychology. Examines common mental illnesses through the use of film and literature. Also presents epidemiological data.

Class description

This is a senior level course (see below)! The course invites you to an interdisciplinary exploration of topics in abnormal psychology, including psychoanalysis and other theories of the etiological development of mental illness. You will learn about diferent kinds of psychopathology as well as about some therapeutic theories and ideas. The course involves, as well, a critical examination the contemporary psychotherapy and self-help culture.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Lectures, films, class discussion, student research panels, guest lecturers.

Recommended preparation

Background in psychological concepts and theories, and in methods for thinking about culture are important.

Class assignments and grading

Reading, writing, research panels

See above.

The information above is intended to be helpful in choosing courses. Because the instructor may further develop his/her plans for this course, its characteristics are subject to change without notice. In most cases, the official course syllabus will be distributed on the first day of class.
Last Update by Leslie Ann Rado
Date: 10/03/2003