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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Martha Groom
BIS 459
Bothell Campus

Conservation and Sustainable Development

Examines the connections between human welfare and diverse and healthy ecosystems. Considers tensions among economic development, poverty eradication, and biodiversity conservation. Examines efforts to create sustainable development solutions to easing poverty and protecting biodiversity.

Class description

In addition to all that is described above, this course will focus on conservation and development issues in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.

Student learning goals

Students will understand current state of human welfare and ecosystem health across the world, with an in-depth examination of trends in specific case studies.

Students will understand concepts driving current biodiversity conservation and development practice, as well as the history and critiques of such efforts.

Students will gain facility in interpreting complex matters via case study analyses.

Students may avail themselves of service learning opportunities

General method of instruction

Short lectures, small group work, online and in-class discussion. Students will be encouraged to develop either a service learning project or a group research project.

Recommended preparation

A strong interest in the subject. Students may be successful with a number of different backgrounds including global studies, conservation biology & ecology, geography, history, and other social sciences.

Class assignments and grading

Short essays, analyses of case studies, final research or service learning project

The information above is intended to be helpful in choosing courses. Because the instructor may further develop his/her plans for this course, its characteristics are subject to change without notice. In most cases, the official course syllabus will be distributed on the first day of class.
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Date: 01/28/2013