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Nader Nazemi
BIS 413
Bothell Campus

Nations and Nationalism

Examines modern nationalism as a vast, contested, and crucial subject. Addresses current theories and historical evidence about the origin and nature of nationalist ideologies and their relationships to the modern nation-state.

Class description

Nationalism has been profoundly significant for the emergence and evolution of politics on the world stage. Contrary to predictions, the influence of nationalism on international affairs appears to be gaining strength rather than waning. Yet the precise meaning of nationalism and related terms such as “nation” and “state” are often elusive. This course will subject these terms, and the relationship between them, to both a historical and a comparative assessment. First, the course will examine the different theoretical orientations to the study of nationalism, nation and state. Next, it will examine the significance of nationalism to issues such as interstate and internal conflict. Finally, the course will explore potential challenges to nationalism posed by the emergence of transnational identities such as political Islam and transnational feminism. At the end students will acquire the analytical skills necessary for independently researching and analyzing important issues in international politics.

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