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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Nora J Kenworthy
BHS 302
Bothell Campus

Global Communities, Culture, and Health Equity

Addresses several main concepts in public health with an exploration of the links between: 1) community, health, and culture; 2) health equity and social justice; and 3) emerging field of global health.

Class description

Health is inherently social, affected by our cultures, upbringings, environments, and the disparities we face in our lifetimes. This course aims to elaborate and deepen our understanding of public health concepts, exploring: what we mean when we talk about communities, populations, and the public; how different justice frameworks in public health attempt to create more fairness among various populations; the ways that society, culture, and place impact the health of communities; the linkages between local and global health; and the place of cultures in public health and medicine. The course will serve as a broad overview for topics that students may choose to explore in further depth in other electives throughout their health studies coursework.

Student learning goals

1) Explore the relationships between social and physical environments, culture, and population health;

2) Recognize and describe appropriate community level health interventions;

3) Discuss the social, moral, and ethical dimensions of public health decisions and interventions;

4) Critically examine the links between social justice and health;

5) Describe the principles and goals of global health;

6) Identify the determinants of health and risk factors related to global health issues

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

BHS 301

Class assignments and grading

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Date: 01/04/2014