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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Carolyn W. Jackson
B EDUC 475
Bothell Campus

Global Perspectives on Diversity and Citizenship Education

Explores the relationship between diversity and citizenship education in a select group of nation-states. Discusses challenges experienced by citizens in those nation-states as the nations respond to diversity while trying to maintain national cohesion.

Class description

This course will use a variety of formats to address the role of education in relation to the key components of diversity and citizenship globally. Diversity and citizenship are complex concepts that affect the everyday existence of individuals, societies, and humanity. Our goal will be to deepen our understanding of these complex terms by investigating citizenship and education policies (formal and informal) in different locations related to specific topics such as culture, history, identity, economic opportunities, gender, language, nation of origin, and democracy.

Student learning goals

1) Understand and discuss key concepts and themes related to citizenship such as global society, globalization, nationalism, diversity, citizenship, education, acculturation, assimilation, democracy, human rights, and identity

2) Consider multiple perspectives for examining social issues

3) Identify complex connections between individuals, societies, and nations

4) Research and demonstrate (through writing and multiple learning styles) an understanding of a particular context in relation to diversity and citizenship education

General method of instruction

There will be some direct instruction (i.e. lecture), videos, readings, and website activities. There will be opportunities for individual work as well as interactive small and large groups. Activities and presentations will be designed around critical reflection, critical analysis, and listening to others.

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

In-class discussion and activities, critical questioning, presentations, written assignments, and projects

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Date: 07/12/2012