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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Carolyn J. Bodle
B CUSP 191
Bothell Campus

Art and Public Spaces

Examines works from across the arts: painting, writing, film, architecture, theater, new media. Explores their relationship to public spaces such as museums, site-specific structures, galleries, and exhibitions, as well as the history of their public reception. Includes site visits. Offered: ASp.

Class description

This class is an introduction on the role of art in public space. Each week students will be reading, viewing, and discussing public art projects and throughout the quarter will engage in three site visits to see public art, responding through papers and images. Students will be challenged to frame responses to current discourse in public art and examine the intersections and contradictions of the role of the artist and public perception. Topics include art as intervention, art as interrogation, art as monument, site-specific art, and art as inquiry in the public space. We will also be working with community partners to look at current and local public art case studies, including the UWB campus. Through one of these case studies, students will create their own public art proposal.

Student learning goals

Understand the history, theory, and contemporary cultural context for art making and its public reception

Use reflective writing and dialogue to respond and critically evaluate public art

Actively participate in public art events and site visits thus building knowledge pathways between UWB and the surrounding communities

Create a public art proposal

General method of instruction

Lectures, presentations, readings, site visits, and class discussions.

Recommended preparation

This is an introduction course without prerequisites other than an interest in public art.

Class assignments and grading

Grading will be based on class participation, in-class writing exams, response papers, presentations, and final public art proposal project.

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Date: 10/16/2012