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Sharleen Mondal
B CUSP 188
Bothell Campus

Topics in Asian Cultures

Introduces the traditional arts, cultures, and history of countries of Asia. Emphasizes the interaction between culture and geography, politics, economies, and social structures that shape, and are shaped by cultural processes and products. Specific countries varies with the instructor and quarter offered. Offered: WSp.

Class description

For WINTER 2011: A Literary and Cinematic Exploration of South Asia

In this course we will explore the history and culture of South Asia, focusing primarily on India but considering also the formation of Pakistan and Bangladesh. While we shall become familiar with a general history of India, ranging from the ancient to contemporary periods, we will focus primarily on colonial and postcolonial South Asia in the 19th and 20th centuries. In particular, we will explore how literary and cinematic texts--ranging from essays, novels, short stories, poetry, song, Bollywood films, and independent films--contributed (and continue to contribute) to a variety of social, political, and cultural conversations that were central to the formation of Indian nationalism, independence struggles, the postcolonial condition, and migration/the formation of immigrant communities elsewhere, notably the U.S. and the U.K. We will end with an engagement of how the term "South Asian" describes--or fails to describe--the vastly diverse issues experienced by people who identify/are identified by this term; this unit will be enriched by guest speakers or interactive assignments that involve exploring South Asian community organizations in the greater Seattle area. Assignments will include frequent in-class discussion, a group presentation, short response papers, a mid-term examination, and a final project.

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Date: 11/15/2010