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Time Schedule:

Robert Farkasch
B CUSP 176
Bothell Campus

Introduction to Global Economy

Provides intellectual frameworks for common concerns about globalization, competition, trade, transnational corporations, migration, and other contemporary questions. Emphasizes mastery of relevant data and the ability to connect data to analysis and argument. Offered: AWSp.

Class description

Student learning goals

Evaluate the overall economic effects of globalization on global actors such as the global population, the financial institutions, and the states.

Explore ways in which globalization is conceptualized through different theoretical lenses, including liberal, realist, and Marxist to provide an economic overview of the underlying issues and competing ideologies that shape the global political economy.

Analyze trade in the international political economy.

Analyze finance and development in the international political economy. (Written Assignment)

(Mid-term Essay Exam) – Writing on international political economy (3 to 5 pages essay)

Analyze development in the international political economy.

Analyze Multinational Corporations and Global Production Networks in the international political economy.

General method of instruction

exam and paper

Recommended preparation

read the financial pages

Class assignments and grading

essay, class assignments

test, essay participation

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