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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Kristine E. Kellejian
B CUSP 137
Bothell Campus

Writing Studio

Develops strategies for improving academic writing. Focuses on interpreting assignments, developing rhetorical awareness, applying self-assessment, and improving revision. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: AWSp.

Class description

Welcome to CUSP 137: Writing Studio. In the Writing Studio course we will learn and practice strategies to meet the challenges--and reap the rewards--of academic writing. This course focuses on interpreting assignments, developing rhetorical awareness, applying self-assessment and improving revision.

Through structured, thoughtful collaboration we will explore and practice ways to develop, revise and edit our writing. Each week we will work on writing assignments, including reviewing new assignments, prewriting, revising, and proofreading drafts. We will split our time between working on our own assignments and offering detailed and productive feedback to our peers on their assignments. The Writing Studio course is a two-hour per week elective taken on a credit/no credit basis. The purpose of the course is to provide you an opportunity to work on writing assignments from other courses in a small group setting. The group facilitator helps students understand writing assignments and the group collaboratively provides advice through the brainstorming, drafting, revision and editing process. In-class studio activities may include small-group peer workshops, whole group discussion, reflective writing, problem-posing, language-related activities and responses to other studentsí writing.

Student learning goals

1. Recognize and respond to strengths and challenges in writing,

2. Give and receive productive feedback on writing,

3. Revise and improve writing.

General method of instruction

Collaborative group response

Recommended preparation

None. All welcome!

Class assignments and grading

1. Robust class participation. You must fully participate in at least eight (8) of the ten (10) class meetings to earn credit in this course. You must come on time to each class with course materials and the energy, focus and good will needed to provide high quality feedback to your colleagues. This means that you will provide comments or feedback on each presentation given by a classmate. Everyone must participate. Failure to participate will affect your credit/no credit status.

2. Sign-up for and present on two assignments. You will present on at least two writing-intensive assignments from other courses. This means that you will sign up for dates to present. On the days you present, you will bring a copy of your assignment guidelines and your related materials (drafts, outline, brainstorming, etc.). As a group you will discuss the form the materials can take how you will distribute these materials to the class (hard copies, overhead projection, etc.). Before your presentation, come up with a list of questions you have about the assignment. During your presentation you will read and describe the assignment in detail and then share what you have with the class. You will ask for specific help or feedback on the assignment. 3. Mid-term reflection. In-class. 4. Final reflection. 1-2 pages.

Full participation in class activities.

The information above is intended to be helpful in choosing courses. Because the instructor may further develop his/her plans for this course, its characteristics are subject to change without notice. In most cases, the official course syllabus will be distributed on the first day of class.
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Date: 04/22/2013