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Maureen P. West
B CUSP 131
Bothell Campus

Special Topics in First-Year Learning

Various topics designed to respond to curricular interests and needs for first-year students. Offered: AWSp.

Class description

This course will engage you in a critical dialogue around disability in its varying contexts. The disability experience is shaped by social perspectives, cultural meanings and representations, the built environment, social justice and and their constructions in film. In this course you will explore personal values and beliefs as they relate to disability and reflect on and evaluate these beliefs as they intersect with the factors that contribute to broad cultural perspectives on disability. To gain a greater understanding of the disability experience, course participants will read from interdisciplinary scholarship and multiple perspectives of people with disabilities. Additionally, students will work in small groups and take part in a campus-wide universal design survey to assess for accessibility and inclusivity of the built environment. Finally, students will investigate legislative and policy ramifications for disabled people and deconstruct issues impacting the disability community. As students enrolled in this class, you will be involved in scholarly efforts that relate to disability. Through the creation of work that represents advanced study and creativity relative to the disability experience, you will demonstrate leadership in this growing field of study.

This course will build on the following understandings:

1. Disability is a "natural part of the human experience".

2. The language we use can stigmatize and marginalize individuals with disabilities.

3. What appears to be positive treatment of people with disabilities. on the surface, may actually be stigmatizing or delegitimizing.

4. Media, art, literature and other domains of public consumption can establish social perspectives of disability.

5. History has helped to shape our perspective of difference, including what is acceptable and what is deviant.

6. Increased knowledge of the varied contributions of people with disabilities through the medium of film with attention to political, historical and artistic dimensions.

7. People with disabilities have experienced the same types of social exclusion as other diverse groups.

8. A person's ability is not a function of his/her disability.

Student learning goals

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Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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Last Update by Maureen P. West
Date: 03/13/2014