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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Deborah A. Jacoby
B CUSP 131
Bothell Campus

Special Topics in First-Year Learning

Various topics designed to respond to curricular interests and needs for first-year students. Offered: AWSp.

Class description

Public speaking plays a large role in our academic, professional, and personal lives. Whether it's a speech to fellow students to win a leadership position, or a job interview and the opportunity to make a strong impression, we rely on our ability to be confident and deliver information effectively. This course is designed to use both creativity and practical applications to help students to become stronger speakers and presenters. Utilizing theatre activities in the classroom and public speaking ideas and skills, we will learn to be confident and prepared in a variety of contexts and opportunities for public speaking. As a class, we will be communicating ideas to each other and exploring the topics that matter to us as members of the UW Bothell community and beyond.

Student learning goals

Understand the power of public speaking as campus leaders and members of diverse communities

Improve skills in listening, critical thinking, and giving and receiving feedback

Understand why ethics matter in public speaking

Understand how to research and organize material effectively

Identify how theatre training helps to reach diverse audience perspectives and how to build relationships

Demonstrate a strong understanding of language

General method of instruction

The methods of instruction for this course include games and activities, discussions, group-work, and creative writing both in and out of class.

Recommended preparation

All are welcome!

Class assignments and grading

Weekly Journal entries and two speech projects (individual and group)

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Last Update by Deborah A. Jacoby
Date: 04/21/2014