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Anthony L. Kelley
B CUSP 131
Bothell Campus

Special Topics in First-Year Learning

Various topics designed to respond to curricular interests and needs for first-year students. Offered: AWSp.

Class description

The University of Washington Bothell Dream Project course is designed to address issues of educational opportunity and social mobility within the context of higher education. The university students work with the context of a theoretical umbrella to discuss the impediments that high school students (predominately first-generation and low-income) face in their pursuit of higher education and what current institutions and organizations are doing to remove these obstacles. Current higher education trends on a local and national level, various college admissions processes, and the effects of socioeconomic and family backgrounds on a student's path to college are among some of the topics discussed in the classroom on a weekly basis. The course also familiarizes UW Bothell students with college admissions applications and essays, financial aid, scholarships and standardized test preparation, in order to prepare them to work with the Dream Scholars in the high schools. Students are to register for the lecture and the lab. Time scheduled for the lab class will take place in local area high schools. The students enrolled in the Dream Project course will work with local high school students on their college preparedness, applications, scholarship essays, and other programs or events at their assigned schools.

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Date: 02/07/2012