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Nancy L Kool
B CUSP 124
Bothell Campus

Calculus I: Origins and Early Developments

Develops modern calculus by investigating the questions, problems, and ideas that motivated its discovery and practice. Studies the real number system and functions defined on it, focusing on limits, area and tangent calculations, properties and applications of the derivative, and the notion of continuity. Emphasizes problem-solving and mathematical thinking. Prerequisite: either a minimum grade of 2.5 in B CUSP 123, sufficient score on approved mathematics assessment test, or a minimum score of 2 on either the AB or BC AP Calculus test. Offered: AWSp.

Class description

What is the relationship between the Black Death, Sir Isaac Newton, and a British war over Chinese opium? This course invites students to consider how calculus has contributed to shape the destiny of the globe. Born in international contention, from its first applications in more accurate weaponry, calculus has played a role in war and imperial conquest. Today it offers nations a competitive edge in the global economy – and a profound way of both understanding and predicting the challenges to sustaining the world’s 7 billion human beings. This 10-credit Discovery Core course offers first-quarter, first-year UWB students the opportunity to simultaneously study calculus (B CUSP 124) and earn writing (W) credits. Students will also gain valuable practice in the forms of college writing; all writing assignments will be focused on calculus, its history, and its applications.

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Date: 04/13/2012