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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Wei Zhi Gao
B CHIN 101
Bothell Campus

First-Year Chinese

Introduction to the standard language. Emphasis on learning correct pronunciation and basic structure. Drill in oral use of the language. Open only to students who do not have any previous training in Chinese. Offered: A.

Class description

Chinese 101, 102 and 103 is a three quarter, year-long college level Chinese language learning program. Completing the entire sequence fulfills the language requirement for college students of different majors. The study of Chinese will introduce you not just to another language, but to another way of thinking and seeing the world. From its distinctive system of writing to its exceptionally simple and powerful way of creating new expressions, it is a major world language that will excite you, challenge your thinking, and expand your horizons.

Chinese 101 is a gateway to Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin) for students who have no prior experience in the language. The course will introduce simplified characters from the beginning and provide integrated practice on six skills: Pinyin transcribing, listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating.

At the end of the course students will have learned basic communicative skills in daily topics such as greetings, family, dates and time, hobbies, friends, and making appointments, etc. Students will also begin to develop an understanding of the culture, art, music, and literature of the Chinese-speaking world.

To ensure solid learning, we offer small study groups or "class before class/class after class".

Student learning goals

Upon successful completion of Chinese 101, students will be able to:

1 Develop a general understanding of Chinese culture. 2 Master standard pronunciation and tone changes. 3 Read, write and take notes in PINYIN, a phonetic transcription system for Mandarin Chinese. 4 Acquire basic Chinese vocabulary (about 200 characters), with knowledge of the structure of written Chinese characters. 5 Demonstrate understanding of the basic grammatical rules and patterns of Mandarin. 6 Formulate and answer simple questions at the sentence level. 7 Comprehend and engage in dialogues on simple topics in Chinese, including greetings, introductions, and casual conversation on family and autobiographical information. 8 Acquire proficiency in the use of NJ Star Word Processor and its dictionary function.

General method of instruction

Lectures, role-play, group activities; class presentations; multimedia, etc.

Recommended preparation

Download two CD-ROMs at

Learn the Chinese Pinyin Song @

Preview: Before each class, prepare thoroughly according to the course daily planner. Take notes of any puzzles and bring them to class. Study each individual lesson at three levels: word level (characters), syntactic level (sentences) and textual level (full text). Identify patterns, draw connections and watch for cultural/rhetorical overtones.

View: In class, participate in all activities with creativity. Lead Session and Red Pen Session invite students to function as a teacher to coach each other in certain language functions. Our aim will be to create a supportive language learning community, open to different perspectives and new ways to learn.

Review: Follow up with all the assigned homework and practice with intelligence and diligence. Try to stay ahead and come to the next session well prepared.

Class assignments and grading

Evaluation Exams 30% Homework 20% Participation 16% Quizzes 14% Oral test 10% Projects 10% (including in class presentations & writing assignments)

The information above is intended to be helpful in choosing courses. Because the instructor may further develop his/her plans for this course, its characteristics are subject to change without notice. In most cases, the official course syllabus will be distributed on the first day of class.
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