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Enrollment Confirmation

New Undergraduates - New Student Enrollment and Orientation Fee

As a new undergraduate, you must return the Enrollment Confirmation Form and the $300 nonrefundable New Student Enrollment and Orientation Fee (NSEOF) to confirm your intention to enroll at the University of Washington.

If you have applied for financial aid and you and your family cannot afford the $300 NSEOF, you may apply for a fee deferral. Write to the Office of Admissions; include your name, Student Number, phone number, and reason for the deferral. Send your letter, along with the Enrollment Confirmation Form. Any deferral will be conditional on the verification of your financial aid status.

Returning Undergraduates, New Graduates and New Professional Students - Enrollment Confirmation Deposit

Returning undergraduates, new graduate students, and new students in a professional program are required to confirm his or her intention to enroll by paying a nonrefundable deposit (not required of returning students admitted summer quarter). The deposit is applied toward tuition and fees assessed for the quarter for which the student is determined to be admissible and subsequently enrolls. A student who pays the fee for a given quarter but does not register in that quarter is not entitled to a refund except by petition in the situation listed below.

  1. A new or returning matriculated student who is unable to obtain courses required for the completion of the degree or certificate program, or courses which are determined by an appropriate academic adviser to be acceptable alternate courses. A written verification from the appropriate academic adviser must be attached to this petition. Such requests for refund must be submitted by Friday of the second week of the quarter.
  2. A new or returning matriculated student who, after meeting with an appropriate academic adviser, determines that the program for which admission was granted differs substantially from what the student was led to expect based upon earlier available information. This petition for refund must be submitted before the student registers for courses and in no case later than the first day of the quarter for which admission has been granted. A written verification from the appropriate academic adviser must be included.
  3. A new or returning student who applies by the prescribed deadline for financial aid administered by the University's Office of Student Financial Aid, and who cannot be awarded financial aid adequate to his or her needs as determined by that office, and who is therefore unable to attend the University. This petition and a copy of the Notice of Award and Acceptance must be submitted no later than two weeks after receipt of notice of the financial aid award.
  4. A new or returning student who is unable to attend the University because of pregnancy, disability, or death, or because of being called involuntarily into the military service of the United States or into civil duty. Documentation is required.