International Student Insurance

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is terminating as of September 19, 2014 and will not be offered to students who are US residents after that date. Read this information on insurance options and how to prevent coverage gaps.

International students are still required to buy UW insurance. A new plan (ISHIP) tailored to international student needs is being developed.

New information about ISHIP will be posted here soon. See the 2014-15 rates below:

2014 – 15 Final Premiums, including all fees

Quarterly Annual @ Autumn Quarter Annual @ Winter Quarter Annual @ Spring Quarter Annual @ Summer Quarter
Rate Category Total Premium Total Premium Total Premium Total Premium Total Premium
Student Only $  283.83 $ 1135.32 $  851.49 $  567.66 $  283.83
Student + Spouse 688.62 2754.48 2065.86 1377.24 688.62
Student+ Children 623.73 2494.92 1871.19 1247.46 623.73
Student + Family 1028.52 4114.08 3085.56 2057.04 1028.52

Due to the changes in the UW  student health  insurance plan,  new students admitted for  Autumn 2014 will not be able to purchase UW student insurance during summer quarter.  Insurance is NOT required  for international students before September 20, 2014.   Students who  arrive early and want  additional insurance  can purchase short term coverage here: or through any other insurer or broker.

OverviewUniversity of Washington

International students are required by Federal and State laws to enroll in the student insurance plan while attending the University of Washington.  In the United States individuals are responsible for medical coverage expenses themselves.  All matriculating international students are required to purchase the UW Student Health Insurance Plan (UW SHIP) while registered for classes at UW. If you need short term coverage upon your arrival, before classes begin you may purchase short term coverage through our UW SHIP plan. Short-term coverage is not required for new international students attending Early Fall Start or orientation. Please call the Student Insurance Office at 206.543.6202 to sign up for coverage.

For questions about other insurance coverage, please contact
International Student Services
Room 459 Schmitz Hall

Waiver Eligibility

The requirement that you purchase the UW SHIP may be waived only if you meet certain eligibility criteria and have comparable insurance that is valid in the U.S. Only students who fit into one of the following categories are eligible for an insurance waiver:

  • Exchange or “Visiting” student attending UW through an official exchange program sponsored either by a UW academic department or the UW Office of International Programs & Exchanges.
  • Student funded by his or her government, or the U.S. government.
  • Student receiving health insurance benefits provided by the U.S. employer of his or her parent, spouse or domestic partner.
  • Student enrolled at UW but doing research outside the U.S.
  • Student working in the U.S. and receiving health insurance benefits through his or her employer.

How to Apply for a WaiverUniversity of Washington

To request an insurance waiver, submit a waiver request by 1:00pm of the tuition deadline (third friday of the quarter).

If you hold a graduate Research or Teaching Assistant appointment, you may be eligible for the Graduate Appointee Insurance Plan (GAIP). If you enroll in GAIP, it will automatically replace UW SHIP and you do not need to submit a waiver request form.

For health insurance waiver inquiries, please email



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